Kerala Council of Churches

H. G. Dr Geevarghese Mar Coorilos


H. G. Dr Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, formerly he was known as George Mathew
Nalunnakkal, is the bishop of Niranam Diocese of the Jacobite Church. After
his graduation, he joined the United Theological College, Bangalore for his
theological studies. He completed his B.D in 1990 in first class and was
appointed as Research Assistant in the department of Church and Society. In
1992 he joined the University of Kent at Canterbury, England to do his Ph.D
in Ecotheology.
He served the Kerala Council of Churches as its senior faculty member
(1997–1998), the National Council of Churches in India as its executive
secretary for Mission and Evangelism (1998–2001) and the World Council of
Churches as moderator of its Commission on World Mission and
Evangelism (CWME). Recently Mor Coorilos has been reelected as Chairperson
of the Student Christian Movement of India ( SCMI) for the fourth consecutive
term. He is also a member of the Advisory Group of Korean Institute of Future
Ecumenism ( KIFE). Mor Coorilos has published several books and articles both
in English and Malayalam. Some of them are:

 New Beings and New Communities: Theological Reflections in a
Postmodern Context, KCC/EDTP, Tiruvalla, 1998
 Green Liberation: Towards an Integral Ecotheology, NCCI/ISPCK, Delhi,
 Quest for Justice: Perspectives on Mission and Unity (co-edited) NCCI/GURUKUL/ISPCK, Delhi, 2000
 Re-routing Mission: Towards a People’s Concept of Mission, CCA/CSS, Tiruvalla, 2004.
 HIV/AIDS: A Challenge to Theological Education, (co-edited), BTESSC/Sathri, Bangalore, 2004.
 Ethical Issues: Subaltern Perspectives: CSS, Tiruvalla, 2008
 Samantharalokangal Essays on Contemporary Socio-Political Issues, Malayalam), CSS, Tiruvalla, 2012.