Kerala Council of Churches





Approved by  the Exe. Committee  met  on  30 . 11 . 2010

 1.      Preamble:  

The Zones of  Kerala Council of Churches  (KCC Zones) are  established to compliment and  assist the KCC to fulfill its professed witness and ministry  of practicing and nurturing  ecumenism at local level  by equipping  local congregations to forge meaningful fellowship with one another.

The KCC Zone is the primary ecumenical expression in a given locality which embraces, promotes and co-ordinates various forms of Christian ministry.  As such it brings together the Churches and other Christian Organizations for mutual consultations mutual assistance and co-operative action in all matters related to Christian endeavors locally.

The KCC Zone  visualizes  and promotes   wider ecumenism that embraces not only the members of the Christian Churches but also the peoples of other faith or no faith  and different ideologies in order to promote liberation; reconciliation ,justice and harmony .

The KCC Zone  upholds the vision of  the created  order  as the household of God  with the inherent  inter-dependence , mutuality  and  sharing  and  ecumenism  visualizes  the sustenance of the created order  to the  very purpose of creation.

2.     Name:

The local unit of KCC  shall be called the Zone of KCC.  The name of the locality is suffixed to KCC  to name the Zone. of a particular region (KCC ……………Zone)

3.     Affiliation:

The Zone shall be affiliated to the KCC

4.     Area:

The area of the Zone’s jurisdiction shall be ………………………

5.     Basis:

The  Zone is established as the local coordinating and implementing organ of the KCC.

6.      Objectives and functions:

The objectives and functions of the Zone shall be :

  • To stimulate study and thought about the church and the whole enterprise and to enlist the best knowledge and experience in the furtherance of the Kingdom of God in the locality.
  • To promote mutual understanding and co-operation among Churches and other Christian bodies in the area including the Roman Catholic Churches and the Pentecostal Churches
  • To promote wider ecumenism that embraces not only the Christian Churches and Christian Organizations but also people of other faiths or no faith  and ideologies in order to create peace and harmony .
  • To co-ordinate Christian efforts as far as possible with a view to help  the Churches and Organisations to fulfill their great commission..
  • To serve as the prophetic voice of critique and discernment, in Church and Society to promote Kingdom values as revealed  through  Jesus Christ
  • To enter into dialogue with various religious traditions and streams and initiate joint programmes  with them on the issues of justice and peace .and sustenance
  • To join  and  nurture  the  struggles  of  the Movements for  social justice, dignity and equal rights for  Dalits, Tribals,  Women, unorganized labourers and other mrginalised sectors  of the society and  to express solidarity with them.
  • To help formulate public opinion based on Christian values and ethics  through consultation and bring to bear on the issues of the day.
  • To initiate and promote actions in the area of socio-political and economic needs of the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed irrespective of their color, creed and gender.
  • To constitute KCC Zone Commissions according to the needs of the Zone such as

Youth Commission, Women’s Commission, Dalit and Tribal Commission etc.

  • To initiate and nurture organized efforts to save the  endangered  planet earth  with all the living and non living beings  and to sustain the resources for the  future generations.  

7.     Membership of the Zone: 

There shall be two kinds of Membership:

  • Institutional  Membership and
  • Individual membership 

Institutional Membership

The local units of KCC  Member Churches and Member Organizations are eligible for Institutional membership.

The number of delegates from  Institutional  Member to the Zone Assembly shall be

decided  by the Zone. 

Individual Membership

  • Individual Membership shall be opened  to all adult men and women who are members of the Member Churches and Organisations  of KCC in the area,  who are in sympathy with the objectives of the Zone .
  • Individual  Membership  may also be given to those  who are in sympathy with the objectives of the Zone irrespective of the KCC Member Church / Organisation  affiliation.  

The Ex-officio Members of the  Zone

The Diocesan Bishops / Divisional Commander of the KCC Member Churches shall be. The ex-officio members of the Zone.

The Secretary of the KCC  and two other members of the KCC nominated by the

Executive Committee of the KCC shall be ex-officio members of the Zone Assembly

The KCC Executive Committee Members and the KCC Assembly Members from within the boundaries of the Zone will be ex-officio members of the Zone.

 8.     Annual Membership fee

There shall be an annual membership  fee for  the  Members other than ex-officio members ,   which  shall be  fixed by the Executive Committee of the KCC Zone from time to time in consultation with the KCC Executive Committee . The annual membership fee should be paid, on or before a stipulated date every year.   Those members who fail to pay the annual membership fee shall have no right to representation on the Zone until the annual membership fee is paid.  The date shall be fixed by the Zone Executive Committee

9.     Annual affiliation fee to KCC

The Zones  shall have  to  pay an annual affiliation fee to KCC , fixed by the Executive Committee of KCC from time to time.

10. Governance  

KCC  Zone Assembly.

The Supreme constitutional body of the Zone shall be the Forum of the delegates from Institutional members and Individual members,  called the KCC – Zone Assembly.

The Zone Assembly shall ordinarily meet annually to transact its business and to elect office bearers and Executive Committee at a time and place to be arranged by the Executive Committee of the zone.

Extra-ordinary meetings of the Zone Assembly may be summoned, when necessary, by the Executive Committee by  its own decision  or at the written requisition of not less than one third of the members for any specific purpose.

One third of the membership shall constitute a quorum for the Zone Assembly.

The Zone Assembly  shall receive the report the Zone Executive Committee, the audited accounts of the previous year and the balance sheet and approve budget for the next year.

The  Zone Assembly  shall appoint an auditor to audit the accounts of the Zone.

Each Zone has the right to send up to 5 observers to the Annual Assembly of KCC.

11.  The office bearers

The officers of the Zone shall be the  President, two or more  Vice- presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary  and  Treasurer.

All officers shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Zone Assembly  from among the members of the Zone Assembly  with due representation given to member churches and organizations and they  hold office until the next annual meeting of the Zone Assembly.

Provided that no person shall hold the same office for more than three consecutive terms.

12. Patrons of Zone  

The Diocesan Bishops / Divisional Commander / of the KCC Member Churches related

to the Zone shall be the ex-officio Patron members of the Zone.

Patrons are the ones who   provide spiritual and moral guidance and who remain as the center of inspiration to the Zone.

 13. Duties of the officers

The President:

The President shall preside over the meetings of the Zone and the Executive Committee..  The President shall have a deliberative and casting vote in the Assembly l and in the Executive Committee.

Vice – Presidents:

In the absence of the President, the Senior in age Vice-President shall preside over the meetings of the Zone and the Executive Committee.

Vice President Youth shall be in charge of the Ecumenical  Youth Fellowship(EYF) and Vice President Women shall be in charge of Ecumenical  Women’s Fellowship (EWF). 

The Executive Committee may delegate special responsibilities to the Vice Presidents. 


In consultation with the Executive Committee the Treasurer shall prepare the annual budget for the zone, disburse all moneys designated to the work of the zone according to the direction of the Executive Committee and shall operate the bank accounts as decided by the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall also oversee the maintenance of accounts and arrange to have them audited by an auditor appointed by the zone.

The Secretary:

The Secretary shall be responsible to the Zone Assembly and the Executive Committee for the implementation of the policies and programmes of the Zone. He / She shall have the responsibility for the general administration of the Zone.  He / She shall maintain liaison between the Zone, the KCC and other related agencies or bodies.  He / She shall be responsible for mobilization of resources and control of programme expenditure in relation to the budget.  He / She shall represent the Zone in all its legal affairs.  He / she shall perform all such duties as may be assigned to him / her by the Executive Committee.  The Secretary of the Zone must forward the minutes of the Executive Committee of the Zone to the Secretary of KCC within fifteen days of the meeting.  He / She shall convene the meetings of the zone and the Executive Committee.

The Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in all matters and initiatives related to the Zone and shall execute other assignments delegated  by the Executive Committee.  

14. Executive Committee:

The chief executive and governing  body of the Zone shall be  Known as the KCC Zone Executive Committee

The Patrons and the office bearers of KCC shall be members of the KCC Zone Executive Committee ..

In addition to the office bearers of the Zone ,  a definite  number, as decided by the Zone Assembly  shall be nominated by the Zone Assembly  to the Executive committee.. Of the total nominations ,  one  third shall be women , dalit and  youth below the age of 35. Due representation shall be given to  institutional members .

The Executive Committee Members of KCC  who reside in the  Zonal area , shall also  be  members of the Zone Executive Committee .

The Executive Committee shall act for the Zone between accessions and until the next annual general meetings of the zone and shall do all such things as are necessary to carry out generally the objectives of the zone.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in three months to transact business connected with the day – today affairs of the Zone. and to plan and execute  prgrammes  and  projects.

Five members shall form a quorum for the Executive Committee  meeting.

Any member of the Executive Committee who absents himself/herself from three consecutive meetings without intimation shall deem to have forfeited his or her membership on the Committee.  


Each Zone shall be responsible for all its income and expenditure.  The zone may raise funds for its works by donations and special collections.

No collection shall be made any one on behalf of the Zone without prior sanction of the Executive Committee.

The accounts of the Zone shall be operated jointly by the Treasurer and the Secretary of the  Zone.

The annual accounts of the Zone shall  be submitted to the KCC.


Kerala Council of Churches holds the right to dissolve any Zone that fails to function according to the guidelines and stipulations of the KCC.


The amendments to these guidelines if needed, may be submitted to the KCC  by the Executive Committee of the Zone and the KCC’s decision will be final.

18. KCC District Council 

The realm of ecumenical witness and ministry would be further enhanced  by the coming together of  Zones.

v The  Common  forum of all the KCC Zones in a revenue  District shall be called KCC District Council (KCC DC)

v KCC DC aims for mutual nurturing, participation and interaction in realizing the objectives of KCC and KCC Zones.

v The Chairperson of the KCC DC shall be a member of the KCC Executive Committee, preferably from the District itself, nominated by the KCC Executive Committee.

He / she will be responsible for convening, organizing and co-ordinating the programmes and projects at District level with the co-operation of the Zone Office Bearers.

v The KCC DC shall be affiliated to the KCC, by paying an affiliation fee decided by the KCC Executive Committee.

Half of the affiliation fee of Zones to KCC, may be given to DC for its functioning expenses.

The affiliation fees may be fixed as follows

             KCC Zones –  Rs. 200/-

             KCC DC      –  Rs. 100/-

v KCC DC Assembly shall meet annually for reviewing and strengthening of the  Zones and pass the accounts.

v KCC Executive Committee is the constitutional forum  to recognize and affiliate the Zones,   on behalf of KCC

Constituting  the KCC DC Assembly and DC Committee.

 KCC District Council (KCCDC) be formed in Districts where more than one Zone exist.

Ø KCC DC Assembly may be constituted with 7 delegates from each zone of the District.

The  DC Assembly shall elect the KCC District Committee with

§  Chairperson – Nominated by the KCC Executive Committee

§  Secretary     – Nominated  / Elected by the DC Assembly

§  Executive Committee of 5 members  – Nominated / Elected by  the DC Assembly ensuring the inclusion of women, youth, Dalits and Tribals.

§  The delegates to the KCC Assembly .

Delegates to KCC Assembly

ØEvery District Council  has the right to send one delegate  to KCC Assembly.

DC with more than 5 Zones has the right to send an additional delegate. Of the

two delegates one shall be a woman.

ØIn District where DC is not formed (single Zone District) ,  the Zone has the right to send one delegate  to the KCC Assembly