Kerala Council of Churches


“ The Kerala Council of Churches (KCC) is autonomous and inter-confessional, comprising Churches in Kerala and Christian organizations. It is a constituent member of the National Council of Churches, India (NCCI).  It is established on the principle that the Churches can fulfill their common task of witness and service best in a fellowship with one another for the extension of the Kingdom of God.  The Council is the primary ecumenical expression in Kerala, which embraces, promotes and co-ordinates the various forms of the church’s ministry to the society.  As such, it brings together the Churches and other Christian organizations for mutual consultation, mutual assistance and cooperative action in all matters related to Christian endeavour

The present day KCC had its humble beginning in the year 1940 as the Kerala Regional Christian Conference, an auxiliary of the Madras representative Christian Council which in turn had been the South India Unit of National Christian Council. The first, second and third General Assemblies of the conference were held in Kollam in 1940, 1941, 1943. The third Biennial   Conference was held in 1945 at Kottayam. In 1946 Kerala Christian council became a constituent member of the National Christian Council. In1983 Kerala Christian Council was re-christened as Kerala Council of Churches. At present KCC is the common united forum of 13 Churches and 20 Ecumenical Organizations/Institutions, synthesizing the ST. Thomas, Orthodox, Missionary and indigenous Traditions. and continue to serve as the regional council of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI).

KCC  celebrated the Golden Jubilee  (50th year) in the year 1990 and  the Saptathy  (70th year) in the year 2010 of its mission and witness in the ecumenical realm. These had been  occasions for our re-dedication for unity and well being of our pluralistic wider community.

Because of the vision and praxis of the pioneers, KCC in its history, had never been a conglomerate of different Churches, but a new entity transcending the walls of separations  between churches , witnessing and proclaiming the Kingdom of God and new Humanity commenced in Jesus Christ. Its mission has been consistently holistic, addressing the realm of, not only humanity but the entire created order. The emphases had always been on the wider community   and never been sectarian or regional.

KCC upholds the creativity and freedom bestowed on the humans by God which be nurtured and developed for the transformation of the whole creation in the vision of the Kingdom of God and commits to express solidarity with the oppressed, the poor, the marginalized and the alienated and seeks initiate and promote action in the areas of their social, cultural and economic needs in the path of transformation.

In the present era of knowledge explosion, technological advancement, information revolution  etc. ,  the local as well global Community  is passing through unprecedented  experience of  religious fundamentalism, false spirituality, terrorism,  aggressive individualism,  mutual exploitation, hegemony, invasion  and so on.   The pressing need of the hour is the affirmation of the vision of unity and fraternity , mutual dependence and nurturing. Ecumenism envisions the  household of God, the loving Father..