Kerala Council of Churches


KCC Member Churches

  1. Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
  2. Jacobite Syrian Christian Church
  3. Mar Thoma Syrian Church
  4. CSI East Kerala Diocese
  5. CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese
  6. CSI North Kerala Diocese
  7. CSI South Kerala Diocese
  8. Chaldean Syrian Church
  9. The Salvation Army
  10. Malabar Independent Syrian Church
  11. Church of God in South India
  12.  The India Evangelical Lutheran Church
  13.  Malankara Syrian Knanaya Archdiocese
  14.  Evangelical Church of India Fellowship

KCC Member Organizations

  1. Backward People’s Development Corporation (BPDC)
  2. Bible Society of India, Kerala Auxiliary
  3. Christhava Sahitya Samithi (CSS)
  4. Theological Literature Council (TLC)
  5. Christhava Mahilalayam
  6. Mundakapadam Mandiram
  7. Socio-Economic Development Society (SEDS)
  8. The Alwaye Fellowship House
  9. Bethel Ashram
  10.  Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS)
  11.  Christhavashramam
  12.  Development Training Program
  13.  Kerala United Theological Seminary
  14.  Scripture Union & Children’s Special Service Mission (CSSM)
  15.  Student Christian Movement of India (SCM)
  16.  Union Christian College Alwaye
  17.  The Kerala Blind School Society
  18.  Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) South West India Region
  19.  Young Women’s Christian association (YWCA) SW India Region
  20.  Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)
  21.  Agency for Spiritual and Social Uplift, Renewal and Empowerment