Kerala Council of Churches


Tribal Development, Education and Family

 Welfare Programme

A joint project of KCC and ASSURE

  • Introduction

Our Lord  has been gracious enough to hold us   one  more year to be involved in the Tribal Development, Education and Family Welfare Project.

The  Project mainly  centered at  Gajapati and Rayagada districts of Orissa continued this year.

Children’s hostels, Educational  support programme, Community interaction programmes  and Developmental Projects  in the villages went on satisfactorily.

Miss. Kalyani, a village  girl attached to one  of  our hostels  successfully completed her B.A. degree course.  Now she is working as the warden of our school girls’ hostel at Rayagada.  Two more   girl students  have appeared for B.A. final year exam  this year and they expect good results.  Another student of  our hostel  passed 10th std. public exam creditably.

Parents of  the children of our Hostel  testifies  that but for these hostels,  their children would never have  the  opportunity to pursue education. Our hostel wardens are doing a good job by taking care of these children and nurturing them ethically and spiritually.

Community interaction programmes and  village development programmes were organized in different villages, extending to new areas.  

  • ·        Hostels for Children

Our hostels provide children opportunities to grow up as educated Christian youth. The Bible study classes conducted every day in the hostel and the Sunday school classes help children to know more deeply about Christ and His Kingdom. The wardens of the hostel give leadership for this.

The wardens and their family help children in their studies also. Special tuition classes are arranged for  High School and College students.

1. K.Jhalarsingh Boy’s hostel. 15 boys. Warden- Mr. Hoseya Mishal

2. Rayagada Boy’s hostel. 15 boys. Warden. Mr. Passi.

3. Rayagada girls’ hostel. 17 girls. Warden. Miss.Kalyani Surgen.

4. Parlekhumundi College girls hostel. 15 college girls. Warden. Miss. Premalata Naik.

5. Guma Boys’ hostel. 16 boys. Warden- Mr.Renjith Jena.

6. Sarongo Boys’ hostel. 9 boys.Warden- Mr.Simaderi Singh.

7. Gunpur Boys’ hostel. 14 boys’ Warden Mr. Immanuel.

8. Chalkamba Boys’ hostel. 16 boys. Warden. Mr. Jagabandu Lima.

New Hostels  started in June this year.

9. Kandhamal Boys’ hostel.-15 boys.

10. Vikrampur girls hostel- 15 girls.

  • ·         Community interaction Programmes                                      

Brother James who is coordinating all programmes of ASSURE in Orissa is actively involved in organizing    Community interaction  Programmes in villages. Our evangelists work under his guidance in the different villages.

Wardens of  the  hostels  regularly  visit villages  of  the hostel students interact  el with the villagers. Our three social workers  are also engaged in village  work.

Last year Brother James could visit  6 new villages in Gumma block, 5 villages in Gunpur  block and 12 new villages in Rayagada block. Most of these villages are not connected by roads. Brother James was walking through hills and forests to reach these remote villages.

  • ·        New fields

The villages where Brother James visited in Rayagada block are Hindu tribal villages . He was  warmly welcomed by the villagers.  It  has  been proposed to  extend  the Project  to this area. New hostels are to be established.

Village level programmes are also being implemented in this area.

  • ·        Development Work in Villages

The literacy programmes   in different villages for non school going children continued.  This year we are starting   village level programmes  including literacy   programmes   in  9  villages in  Rayagada  block . A tailoring school for young girls is also being planned in Mandal Sai village.

  • ·         Housing project for riot hit village. 

In  Rayagda   block , the village  Mukundapur  was attacked during riot time last year and sadly  a Christian brother was killed there. Their church also was badly damaged. Christian families in this village are afraid to live there and are in the process of shifting to  new areas. ASSURE is planning to help them in their housing project.

  • ·        Relief

KK Singh village is another  village  of  Christian  majority , which was torched  during riots . Those villagers are being rehabilitated  with the support of the Government and  some NGOs   in a  place  near   Parlekhumundi  town . But they are not able to find livelihood  in the new area and hence  they are struggling . ASSURE distributed  relief material in  this village.. They also need  support to build a church building there.

  • ·         Children’s Bible Study camps.

Two special camps were held for all the hostel children this year.One VBS camp was held at Gumma Baptist Church in month of April 2010. Another Bible study camp was held in  October 2010 during  Puja holidays.

All our hostel children attended both these camps. It  was a unique experience for them  

  • ·         Parents meeting.

Parents  Meetings  are  convened  once in 3 months. Parents  expressed their happiness and satisfaction  for the   organized  facilitation   of  their children’s  education.

  • ·        Workers training programme.

One three  days training cum Bible study programme was organized for our workers in June 2010. Adv. Cyrus, Prof. Sam Philip and Rev. P.V.Joseph  gave leadership.

Workers meetings are also convened  every month and the work is evaluated.

  • ·        Leadership

Acharya  Adv. Cyrus  is the  strength  of the movement  and his  inspiring life style  encourages the workers to pursue the right path.

 Brother James  served  as the  Ccoordinator  of  Orissa   Programmes this year  and  did a very good work for the extension of  His Kingdom.

Last year Lord helped us find enough funds for the mission. We thank all the donors for their generous support..

  • ·         Programmes in Kerala

Different programmes like marriage aid, educational aid and housing aid were carried  out  in  Kerala using  ear marked  funds received . Programmes were also arranged for children in remote areas near Tiruvalla.

This year we are starting educational support programme for children in a tribal area in Pathanamthitta District.

  • ·         Conclusion 

We request your continued support and prayers for the mission.

Lord said ” Harvest is plenty; but workers are few ”. Let us re-dedicate to  be more effective  instruments in our Lord’s hands  for the harvest.